Project Description



The project will improve the woodlands in Leny and Callander Crags by enhancing existing habitats, increasing the proportion of native woodland, removing non-native regeneration, and providing a more attractive environment for recreational activities. Forest users, visitors to the area and the natural environment will all benefit from this project.

Aims & Objectives

This project will:

  • Restore Leny Woods as native woodland, with the removal of exotic species, realignment of the hard conifer edges at the extremes of the site and replanting of native species.
  • Through connected projects key archaeological sites will be uncovered and interpreted, whilst within other projects paths will improve and the car park on site will be reinstated
  • Improve management in Callander Crags woodland using a social forestry approach will secure community interest and improvements to this site.
  • Install and monitor bird and bat boxes across both sites.
  • Establish two new ponds in Callander Crags.

Project updates

  • In 2019, volunteers helped with a variety of tasks in both woodlands including rhododendron removal, path maintenance, cutting back encroaching vegetation, removal of non native tree regeneration, installation and monitoring of bird, bat and owl boxes.
  • Removal of non-native conifer regeneration (6.7HA) and rhododendron took place across both sites in October and November 2019. Funding for this works was received from FCC Communities Foundation.
  • Native planting works, pond installation and further volunteering opportunities are lined up across 2020.
Bird box installation Crags

Bird and bat box installation in Callander Crags

Project Details

Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park is leading this project, which is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and FCC Communities Foundation.

News & blog

Funders and partners for this project

Thanks to everyone who contributed and supported the project including:

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