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The River Teith is at the heart of the Callander Landscape and is home to Atlantic salmon, lamprey and fresh water pear mussel which are all internationally protected species. The river project aims to improve the river habitats for aquatic wildlife and reconnect communities and visitors to the river.

Aims & Objectives

The project will:

  • carry out several sub projects to improve river habitats for aquatic wildlife in the Callander’s Landscape area, including reducing impacts from land use actions through fencing and riparian management and using green techniques to reduce river bank erosion
  • aim to reconnect the communities and visitors to the river environment by providing opportunities for people to engage, including a fish/aquatic education centre that gives people the opportunity to learn about the life stages of fish and other aquatic wildlife
  • provide opportunities for volunteers to be involved in various aspects including practical conservation tasks and survey work

Project updates

  • The team at the Forth Rivers Trust have made great progress in establishing the Rivers Centre at Keltie Bridge as an educational facility about river life and also as a base for outdoor activities.
  • Over Autumn 2018 volunteers have been learning how to survey for salmon and trout redds (fish eggs) to help monitor their numbers.
  • A successful ‘Intro to Angling’ event in Spring 2019 encouraged local young people to learn more about bankside safety and how to fish.
  • Fish reared by students from Callander Primary School have also now been released into the river as part of Forth Rivers Trust’s ‘Fish in the Classroom’ project funded through Callander’s Landscape.

Top image © Sheila Winstone

Project Details

Partners include Forth Rivers Trust.

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Thanks to everyone who contributed and supported the project including:


Get Involved

Volunteer opportunities are available as part of this project. Full training will be provided and individuals, families, or groups are all welcome to get involved. If you’re interested in finding out more about this opportunity, please email Julie on or 01389 727 723

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