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Project Description

Archive Digitisation


This project will catalogue and digitise the Callander Heritage Society’s archive of photographs, postcards and documents. The digital material will be made available for all to acess on a bespoke website, which will be managed by the Society. A group of local volunteers will be trained in data recording and IT skills to help support the ongoing management of the archive.

Aims & Objectives

This project will:

  • Catalogue and digitise the Callander Heritage Society’s archive;
  • Create a new and freely accessible online digital archive;
  • Permanently rehome the physical archive;
  • Train a group of local volunteers in data recording and IT skills.

Project updates

  • In January 2019, Historic Environment Scotland agreed to support this project as part of the wider HES Archaeology programme.
  • A prototype of the digital archive website is due to be created in the Summer of 2020.

Project Details

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Funders and partners for this project

Thanks to everyone who contributed and supported the project including:

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