Drones above Dunmore

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Dunmore hillfort, near Bochastle just west of Callander, is a well-known local landmark and nationally important monument. As part of our Archaeology project, the hillfort was recently surveyed using drone-based photogrammetry, a form of aerial survey that allows us to see sites from new perspectives and creates highly accurate 3D terrain models by “stitching”

Digging into Callander’s History

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An exciting range of archaeology workshops and training opportunities are taking place in Leny Woods over the next few months to help us uncover the area’s historic past and unlock the cultural heritage of Callander. Leny Woods is situated at the Highland Boundary Fault and holds archaeological sites from the prehistoric, Roman occupation, medieval,

Volunteers enjoy a series of archaeology training days as part of Callander’s Landscape

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Ever watched Time Team and wondered how to get involved in archaeology? As part of Callander’s Landscape, North Light Heritage and Callander Heritage Society recently ran a series of training sessions to give local volunteers skills in archaeological surveying. Callander’s Landscape is an exciting project that focuses on the dramatic landscapes that surround Callander, improving the area’s

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