Any resources that are produced to accompany Callander’s Landscape projects will be available here. We will continue to add to this page throughout the delivery of the project.

Callander’s Flora and Fauna

We have lots of projects that involve restoring different habitats including: woodlands, rivers, meadows and moorlands. These places are home to a variety of species, many of which are nationally important.  Perhaps you are looking for some ideas of how to make your daily activities more interesting during Covid-19 restrictions? Over the next few weeks we will be releasing a number of fact sheets for you to enjoy, which include the Gaelic names as well.  Why not have a read, and see if you can spot any of the species mentioned from your window, in your garden, or when out exercising.

1 – Wildlife in the Woods

If you spot any red or grey squirrels remember you can log your sightings to help with national monitoring efforts as part of Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels project. All sightings are useful whether in your garden or in the wider countryside. You can report your sightings here.

2 – River Life

Why not explore your local river with our partner Forth Rivers Trust? You can upload photos onto their interactive map here and enjoy some views from all over the Forth catchment.  You are welcome to submit photos of your local burns, streams or rivers and the wonderful wildlife they support.

3 – Broadleaf Trees

There are lots of great resources available online to help you explore your local woodlands. Check out Outdoor and Woodland Learning Scotland for activities and resources for all ages.

4 – Birds

If you are interested in bird watching and want to help with national monitoring then why not take part in Bird Track. This allows you to record what species you see in your local area. You can find more information on the British Trust for Ornithology website here.

5 – Wildflowers

Plantlife have some great resources and activities. There are wildflowers spotters sheets for each month, tips for gardening with wildflowers and you can take part in the Great British Wildflower Hunt. Visit their website here for more information.

Gaelic Resources 

We worked with pupils from Callander Primary School and Riverside Primary School to create a brand-new Gaelic folklore comic, called Calasraid: Àite nan Sgeulachdan (Callander: Place of the Stories). Published by Magic Torch Comics, it retells 4 fun – and scary! – local stories and includes lots of Gaelic words and phrases for you to learn!

Gaelic Folklore Comic

Are you a home-educator during lockdown, or just looking to learn some basic Gaelic? We produced this small resource for Callander Primary School during the comic project.

Gaelic Colours and Conversation

We explored the cultural heritage of some of Callander’s Gaelic place-names as part of the John Muir Trust’s Wild Words campaign.

The Cultural Heritage of Gaelic Place-names in Callander

Delia Cumming, one of our Gaelic volunteers, completed her BA (Hons) Scottish Cultural Studies dissertation at the University of the Highlands and Islands with a topic focused closely on Gaelic place-names and heritage in Callander and its environs. Her research was supported by our Gaelic programme, including workshops and courses by Roddy MacLean and Dr Peter McNiven.

The Artistry of Gaelic Legacy dissertation

Winter Activities

Looking for some winter activities for the family? Why not make the most of the cold weather and make your own ice lantern. Download the instruction sheet below.

Ice Lanterns